#SalesforceShe4Her – A beginning for EqualityForAll

It's a disheartening thought when you realize that the share of women in services and industries is less than 20%. The reasons behind this could be lack of job opportunities, low pay and wage disparity, availability of childcare, women's safety and many more. Here's a very powerful insight: Every working woman generates employment for 1.3 more people. When a woman gets a job, she needs a domestic help, a cook and child care for her children. The higher the woman's income, the greater are the number of jobs she is likely to create. Each woman who drops out of work takes away 1.3 other jobs with her.

Salesforce comes under one of the best workplaces for women where Equality is the core value. Salesforce believes in working together to create a world where everyone has equal rights, equal pay for equal work, equal access to education and equal opportunities for success.

Following the same thought, I really wanted to do something where our upcoming women professionals feel confident before entering a workplace. They should also feel proud of their technology which is doing a lot for equal pay and equal rights. I talked about the same with my mentor and Salesforce MVP VinayChaturvedi and he suggested that it would be a great idea if one woman professional can mentor at least a single girl student. From there originated the idea of "SalesforceShe4Her"!

Following the legacy of #SFDC4Students, in order to introduce Salesforce and the framework to girls, Noida WIT organized SalesforceSaturday in GL Bajaj on 3rd Feb 2018 (blog link :http://surbhinarula.com/salesforcesaturday-by-noida-wit-in-gl-bajaj-noida/ ) where we evangelized girls about Salesforce and also about #EqualityForAll.

After this SalesforceSaturday, it was important for girls to understand the culture of Ohana that Salesforce has built into its foundations. For this we invited them all to the WIT Whopping meetup (blog link : http://surbhinarula.com/noida-wit-whopping-meetup/) on 17th Feb 2018. This was a very memorable day where girl students and professionals came together for the first time.

We were also joined by dignitaries of Salesforce Naga KiranManyala(Developer Relations Manager at Salesforce ), ShivanathDevinarayan (Dazeworks CEO/ Salesforce MVP), VinayChaturvedi (Dazeworks COO / Salesforce MVP) and PritamShekhawat (Salesforce MVP). At this event, we announced about SalesforceShe4Her for the first time and the thought was very well-received.

To make this dream a reality, we needed women professionals who can share their knowledge and be a guiding light for these future techies. We shared a form (url : https://bit.ly/2F1lO8u) on social media to identify the women professionals who are interested to be a part of this framework. According to the form responses and the number of girls students who are eager to learn Salesforce, I organized a virtual meeting on 16th June 2018 with mentors and mentees together. Here we discussed the plan that we will be executing to make their learning sessions and this framework successful.

Thanks a lot Vinay for being my guiding light here and to our team of Noida Salesforce Groups for supporting and encouraging me every time. This is our small step towards equality and giving back to #SalesforceOhana and we promise to accomplish it..!!

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