Noida WIT Whopping Meetup

One more remarkable day celebrated by Noida WIT on 17th Feb 2018 , where first time ever girl students and community girls were all together at the same place.

We were honored and fortunate to have dignitaries of Salesforce Community Naga Kiran Manyala(Developer Relations Manager at Salesforce ) , Shivanath Devinarayan (Dazeworks CEO/ Salesforce MVP), Vinay Chaturvedi (Dazeworks COO / Salesforce MVP) , Pritam Shekhawat (Salesforce MVP) all together at Noida WIT meetup first time ever .

We wish Abhilasha singh (Salesforce MVP) would have also joined us but because of few reasons she was not able to.
Also huge thanks to Madhu Ma'am for being our amazing guest speaker and encouraging all WITs.
On enterance of all girls , they were all greeted with beautiful Hand-made cards and hand-made chocolates.

The meetup begins with a small introduction of Noida WIT and welcoming our guest with a beautiful bouquet and hand-made cards. After this our awesome trailblazer Tanu Dua gave an amazing session on Process builder and workflows with a demo.

Thereafter we had an amazing enlightning session from Naga Kiran Manyala explaining about the importance of community and how students can be involved.

Following this Shivanath Devinarayan motivated girls on how to start their career in Salesforce and how Noida WIT can help them in Mentor-Mentee program i.e #SalesforceShe4Her.

After this learning session we moved on to our fun gaming session ("Dumb Charades for Salesforce") where all girls were divided in few teams. One person from each team would come up and take a piece of paper from the bowl where in Salesforce related words were mentioned and person in-acts that word/list of words in 2 minutes for to make their team members guess the right answer. On every right answer team got 100 points.
Winning team got the special swags.


Later Madhu Ma'am empower and inspire girls with tremendous women empowerment session.

After this mesmerizing session we had tempting lunch and took so many photographs.

Following this we had an amazing networking game in which girls were divided in few groups in which each group was having one/two professional women and rest student girls. Student girls need to know more and more about women professional (like where they work , what are they working on..etc).


Many thanks to our diligent team including Payal Agarwal , Karuna Tayal , Nida Khan , Sikha Baid , Akash Mishra and Shailendra Sharma for their peerless contribution in every meetup.

Huge thanks to our Swags Sponsor "Dazeworks" and space sponsor "Okaya Infocom" for being so generous.

Meetup ends with a beautiful group picture !!!!

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