Dream with #Indiadreamin’17


How it all started ?

I have been Noida women In Tech Leader since a year and have been a part of amazing Noida Community team which has few of the finest community leaders in the world like Vinay Chaturvedi , Pritam Shekhawat , Akash Mishra, Payal Agrawal and many others.

My ID17 journey started when I was being involved by Vinay Chaturvedi to be a part of talented, fun and motivated team to make this conference a huge success.

After months of hard work and dedication of entire team this mesmerizing conference was able to get so much love and praise from all over the world.

Journey to the success

Let me take you through the journey of India Dreamin stepwise.7 steps and India Dreamin was Banged on :

Dreamed Of:

Everything begins with an idea.Every great achievement began in the mind of few persons ,here it was Shivanath Devinarayanan  and Vinay Chaturvedi. They dared to dream, to believe that it was possible.

Believed It:

 Yes, It was a big dream which became a vision for all of us under the super guidance of our core team of India Dreamin. They believed in this vision and made us embrace this beautiful vision and initiative till it succeeds.

Saw It:

Here the team involved me in visualizing  everything they have been embracing dream and vision of India Dreamin. We picturize everything all together.

Tell It:

Telling about the dream to many people is very important so as to achieve it .This was the time when we thought of involving volunteers so as to increase community #Ohana love and it brings new energy as well.

Planned It:

This was the time when every day few hours needs to be given to plan out a strategy to give a shape to this vision. Then it was decided to segregate every work according to the committees .

Here we had 14 committees and every committee was having single point of contacts :-

Core Team:

  • Sponsor committee: This committee was involved entirely in managing all communications | Interactions across all sponsors, collecting all designs and other information from sponsors, documenting those and moving the same forward so nothing breaks the chain.
  • Pre & Post Event Party committee: The team took over and managed every detail about Pre and Post event parties, including the menu, attendants and pass distribution.
  • Volunteer Management Committee: Team was responsible for listing down the volunteers and aligning to different committees based on requirements. This is one of the major checklist items as more the helping hands more is the support and smoother is the event.
  • Registration & Salesforce certification voucher distribution Committee: Just because we needed to distinguish the crowd as Attendees and Students we had two separate registration desks one at each end of the venue. Managed and executed end to end by the team, this committee ensured the crowd can be segregated based on type.
  • Food Committee: Ensuring we deliver the best quality food to everyone, within time and keeping the taste as per audience expectation,
  • VIP Committee: From VIP’s stay and taking care of all they may need once they arrive at the Hotel, their refreshments and entire visits and shopping has been managed by the team. 
  • Transport Committee: The team took responsibility of Pick and Drop of all attendees including the Star-Speakers and VIP’s end to end, team also took care of escorting VIP’s from airport, managed timely availability of cabs and managed the time of arrival and departure of guests.
  • Stay Management Committee: Here our team took well care of VIP’s, Sponsor’s, Star-Speaker’s and Community Speakers stay at the hotel, their timings, check in’s & out’s.
  • #SFDC4Students & Student Volunteer Management Committee: Team took the responsibility and helped us by aligning Student volunteers in various activities and committees as per need. Displaying the Success stories of students at G.L.Bajaj where 15 students got placements recently on Salesforce platform.
  • Speaker & Session Management Committee: This committee well organized all the speakers and their sessions.
  • Marketing Management Committee: Here our expert team took care of all IndiaDreamin online and offline marketing . I would call it smart work by smart people.
  • Swag Management and Distribution Committee: Here our amazing team makes sure that everyone carry some amazing swags with them.
  • Photographs and Live streaming Committee: Managed entirely end to end by one of the superstar in Noida Salesforce Groups, passionate about photography.
  • Venue Management: Here our incredible team took care of everything about the venue end to end  and make sure that everything is in place from the beginning till the end of the conference.
  • Vendor Management:  Incredibly managed by our amazing team by aligning each and every vendor properly.

Worked on it:

"Truly said: Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare"

After planning there comes an execution part which involves implementing rigorous hard work done by each and every committee on that beautiful day(30th Sept 2017). Thanks to our each and every spoc of the committee for being so extraordinarily supportive and managing everything so well.

Enjoyed It:

Living that one dream we all together had seen was very foremost and yes we lived it all together on that life changing day…!!

My cordial gratitude to GL Bajaj and Madhu Mam to let this dream be real and make it a huge success.

Heartiest thanks to all our Keynote Speakers , Star Speakers ,all other incredible speakers , Hands-On Training , Dev Expo and Demo Jam Speakers for the outstanding sessions. We are grateful for your time and effort you took to share your thoughts.

Special thanks to our sponsors for their generous support.

Now time to pay gratitude towards a precious and phenomenal team(including our incredible leaders , volunteers and committee spocs) without whom this conference would not have been possible at all.

Hope you enjoyed the writeup, I’ll be bringing more amazing blogs for you soon so keep connected for more value from the world of Salesforce.

Each gratitude propel us towards doing more and more for our #Ohana ,the #SalesforceCommunity


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