CloudCraze Series – B2B Commerce On Salesforce

CloudCraze is built to provide an ecommerce environment on platform available in AppExchange. Its installation is available for a new Developer, Sandbox or Enterprise org. It is a powerpack package including sales, customer service, marketing and e-commerce capabilities.
It is available for Salesforce Users as a “managed package” means CloudCraze is serving as a Salesforce OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) and imitates the benefits Salesforce capabilities in its bundle.

Benefit of Commerce on Salesforce :

Integrating commerce experience gives an organization a complete, 360- degree view of customers. Sales, Service, Marketing and Community Cloud influence the customer’s context of digital engagement without brittle integrations.
Many largest brands like Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, Adidas, Land O’Lakes, Johnson controls, Symantec , L’Oreal and many more including Manufacturing and Consumer based Industries use CloudCraze.
CloudCraze allows company to adopt an agile methodology , rolling out commerce capabilities to quickly meet customer needs and generate sales and ROI.

Things that are being taken care of by CloudCraze :

Multi storefront
Distributed Order Management
Multi –cart
Email Marketing

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